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Emotion Vs. Reason

When conversing with real estate agents, you will often find that when they talk to you about buying real estate, they will refer to your purchase as a "Home." Yet, if you are selling property, they will often refer to it as a "House." There is a reason for this. Buying real estate is often an emotional decision, but when selling real estate you need to remove emotion from the equation.

You need to think of your house as a marketable commodity as "Property" or "Real Estate." Your goal is to get others to see it as their potential home, not yours. If you do not consciously make this decision, you can inadvertently create a situation where it takes longer to sell your property.

The first step in getting your home ready to sell is to "de-personalize" it.

Marketing Your Home

Real Estate Professionals are the key source for home buyers, we will:

  • Develop a marketing plan tailored to meet your individual wants and needs.
  • Identify ideas that will make your home more marketable.
  • Place your home in the Multiple Listing Service immediately if you desire.
  • Promptly advise you of trends affecting the marketing strategy of your home.
  • Present all offers to you promptly and assist in evaluating them. We will monitor progress toward closing when a contract is accepted. We will monitor the appraisal and buyer's loan approval.
  • Coordinate and monitor the settlement process.
  • Stay in contact with selling agent to make sure things are proceeding smoothly.

Factors Affecting Your Home's Values

Location -
Location is the single most important factor in determining the value of your home.

Competition -
Prospective buyers compare your property against competing properties. Buyers will perceive value based upon properties that have sold or are available in the area.

Timing -
Property values are affected by the current real estate market. As the real estate market cannot be manipulated, a flexible marketing plan should be developed which analyzes the current marketing conditions and individual features of the property.

Condition -
The condition of the property affects the price and speed of the sale. As prospective buyers often make purchases based on emotion, first impressions are important. Optimizing the physical appearance of your home will maximize the buyees perception of value.

Price -
Pricing your home properly from the beginning is an important factor in determining the length of time it will take to sell your home. Reviewing this home marketing plan will assist you in determining the best possible asking price.

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